The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. - Psalm 119:130


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Why Us?

Our  Breadcrumbs Team:


Frankly, we're not in competition with anyone and do not even seek to conduct Intensives where other Bible Conference resources are readily available.  While we would love to go to any church of any size, our hearts beat for the smaller fundamental churches who do not have as much access to well organized Bible conference and teaching resources.



  • We Really Are on a Mission

    Our mission is to restore Jesus Christ to His rightful place in Bible interpretation and understanding.  In that context we offer Bible students the most powerful tool they can ever possess as they seek to interpret God's Word literally.  Every Intensive, every session, and every effort humanly possible is made to teach the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • About Us

     Jim and Anne Steel are full-time servants under the auspices of Breadcrumbs Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit ministry.  They minister primarily in and through the auspices of local churches*.


    Jim has served as pastor, church planter, and in missions, Christian school, and Bible institute administration.  He conducts Biblical Intensives seminars on a variety of subjects listed on the Biblical Intensives site.  Jim never solicits funds and does not initiate requests for ministry engagements. He relies on the Lord for invitations.  He notes:


    "We are pleased to go anywhere the Lord provides opportunity. We try not to give offense to folks who may differ from our doctrine. At the same time, we cannot accept engagements where our teaching is limited.  We generally teach in dispensational, fundamental, Baptist and Bible churches. See our doctrinal statement here: What We Believe.


    While Jim is joyful and upbeat, he is a separatist who does not cooperate with apostate systems and has no problem rebuking them or “evangelicals” with woefully disobedient practices.


    Jim believes normal, literal interpretation is the KEY to biblical understanding, so he does not embrace allegorical interpretation and covenant theology.


    When Jim is not on the road, he carries on an extensive web ministry, dealing with doctrinal issues and practical issues week in and week out. He spends a significant amount of time in consultation with church boards and pastors, especially in the western U.S.






Our Team

Jim is Bible teacher and director of the Biblical Intensives aspect of Breadcrumbs Ministries.
Bob is Director of Breadcrumbs Ministries and a Bible teacher.  Kristin teaches Bible and manages the office.
Thanks to all who pray and care for us.
You?  Helping hands are always welcome.

Jim & Anne Steel

Jim conducts Intensives and writes.


Bob and Kristin Thompson

Bob and Kristin manage the home office, teach and write extensively.

Folks who pray and care.

Their faithful prayer and support enable us to continue!



Helping hands and even full time servants are always welcome.