The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. - Psalm 119:130

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Important Note:  We are reducing the number of Intensives we schedule per year.


  • Additionally, we schedule most (not all) Intensives for 3 to 6 sessions (for example, Sunday through Tuesday).
  • Our new Intensive: The New Ecumenism (Ecumenism 3.0) is slated late Spring, 2018. After its introduction, most older Intensives will be retired. This is the most important and extensive project we have undertaken to date.
  • If have considered hosting an Intensive in your church or college, this would be a good time to begin prayerful consideration with your board or ministry team.

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Each of these seminars have been "field tested" and have received excellent responses.


Some of our current Intensive offerings are listed below. Not all of our seminars are listed. Be sure to inquire if you have a question.

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Option 2 - Each of these seminars contain multiple sessions. Titles from individual sessions can be mixed and matched when it makes sense to do so. Click here for a short list of individual sessions currently available.


For example, our New Covenant Life and our Messiah in the Prophets Intensives contain as many as 15 sessions.


If you are interested in picking from more than one seminar, let us know, and we'll work out a suitable selection of session titles.

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Option 3 - Most of Jim's seminars originated as requests from pastors who sensed a particular need or interest in their churches.


We'll gladly build a theme specific Intensive matched to requests.  Keep in mind that seminars built from the "ground up" require more preparation time.


New Seminar requests are best discussed over the phone. Contact us with your preferred phone number and call time.

My New Covenant Life


An Intensive SO IMPORTANT we built a whole web site around it! This series is dedicated to the premise that a proper understanding of the Bible's New Covenant and the truths which flow from it lead us to a wonderful understanding of God in salvation, the Christian life, true biblical doctrine, and most importantly, a clear understanding of who Jesus Christ is.


Additionally, a proper understanding of the covenants makes the whole subject of Dispensationalism meaningful and helps to restore its importance in the thinking of every day believers.  Pastors who want a Bible conference which immerses the listener in sound (yet very understandable) doctrine will appreciate this Intensive!  For more info, visit:

The New Spirituality

Don’t get caught in the vortex! The influences of the New Spirituality are already being felt by your sheep. This Intensive traces the spread of ancient occultism through twentieth century New Ageism, now morphed into the New Spirituality.


Typically scheduled from a Sunday through a Wednesday (or vice versa) this conference will prepare your sheep to recognize the influences of the spirit of antichrist and teach them how do defend themselves and their young from the predators which are already reaching into their homes.

Messiah in the Prophets


Probably our most sought after Intensive. Teach your congregation to think biblically as teach your congregation how to develop biblical and prophetic truths from a thematic perspective.  We'll examine numerous New Testament scriptures and demonstrate how our Lord and the apostles developed their arguments from the Old Testament.  This is more than a study in prophecy, it gently guides your flock into good habits of biblical interpretation without being "teachy."

Thinking on God

A layman's guide for understanding how unbelievers relate to God. Improve your understanding of God and your witness at the same time! (A 2 session Intensive)


Now, more than ever, it is important for the believer to begin reasoning  from the Person and character of God.  This one session class is  designed to point the believer down the path toward a more biblical approach to leading men and women to Christ.

Evangelical Bridges (Evangelicalism 3.0)


Discerning: Worship + Media + Theology + infiltrating  in Fundamental Circles


This Intensive deals with specific issues, names, and events which, when seen as a pattern, reveal our persistent march toward ecumenism - from within fundamental and evangelical circles.  It confronts real issues in a spirit of love and arms the believer to confront what is on our doorstep. It is an absolute must for those would defend Christ's sheep.

Growth Series - Romans and Hebrews

Our only remaining one week Intensive, designed to be taught in a classroom or small group study context. Textbooks for either the Romans or Hebrews Intensives (about 200 pages each) are required for those who want the full experience. They may be purchased in advance, or printed (for free) by the sponsoring church or school.  Ideally, no less than 10 sessions are required.  These Intensives are best scheduled Monday through Friday with two one-hour sessions each evening.  Advance registration is highly recommended, but not required.

Who Shall Be Able to Stand?


This condensed Intensive on Revelation is ideal for a minimum of 6 sessions, ideally spanning from Friday evening through Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Its purpose is to provide a broad overview of the book of Revelation while endowing the listener with sound principles of biblical interpretation. Its goal is to provide the believer with a broad based view of this critical book. The Intensive is ideal for preparing congregations for future exegetical studies of Revelation.

Building a Biblical World View


This seminar works best in a Dual Intensive event. Host a regular Intensive from Sunday through Tuesday for your general congregation, and include this Biblical World View Intensive on the Saturday prior - designed especially for folks who want to dig just a little deeper.


Learn to develop and express your own biblical world view in simple terms. This basic series includes a peek at creation, cosmology, and philosophy in a way to equip the every day believer to better witness to the lost. Unlike most modern apologetic materials, this Intensive focuses on using the scriptures, rather than human arguments, in our efforts to win the lost.

What About My Neighbor?


Practical solutions which everyone (shy or outgoing) can apply to grow their usefulness as fishers of men. Learn how to think with God before reasoning with men.


Best offered in three to five sessions, this Intensive takes a close look at the witnessing styles of Christ and the Apostles, examining both their content and style and then applies these truths in a practical and non intimidating way.  Get out of the rut of witnessing in the same way we sell insurance.


When we change the way we think we change the way we witness!




A potpourri of possibilities.  We can mix and match various sessions and group them around, Christian growth, evangelistic, prophetic, and apologetic themes.  Just let us know the general area you would like to have covered, and we'll work together to tailor an Intensive.  The list of possibilities is endless.

Giving an Answer


Another Intensive which grew into a web site! (


The Five Things seminar examines the beliefs of those who we are most likely to meet on the street:  > The Liberal Protestant   > The Nature Worshiper  > The Atheist   > The Roman Catholic   > The  Latter Day Saint   >The  Seventh Day Adventist  > Watchtower   > The Freemason *.


In each case, emphasis is placed on understanding how folks in these systems base their reasoning, and how to communicate the gospel to them specifically.


* Not all seminars in this Intensive include all groups listed above.


Need more info? Contact us.

What Makes A Seminar Unique?

Seminars include information for all listeners and we commonly mix and match sessions from more than one title. The above offerings are presented as good starting points.






Biblical Intensives

geared for mixed audiences • most include slide presentations •  listeners learn good habits of Bible interpretation • supplements are provided • we NEVER solicit bookings •  intensives are not limited to local church sponsorship but we do limit our church outreach to biblically fundamental fellowships • free will offerings are welcomed but not required • we are a 501c3  faith ministry.

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