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My New Covenant Life


Click here for 15 hours of videos plus study materials!. Here's a quick reference list . Session descriptions are not included in this quick listing.


1. Ch 1 V 1 Introduction.mp4

2. Ch 1 V 2 Reasoning From God1.mp4 (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

3. Ch 1 V 3 How God Speaks.mp4

4. Ch 2 V 1 Rules of Context.mp4

5. Ch 2 V 2 Rules of Context Concluded.mp4

6. Ch 3 V 1 Early Covenants.mp4

7. Ch 3 V 2 Abrahamic Covenant.mp4

8. Ch 3 V 3 Short Treatment of Circumcision.mp4

9. Ch 3 V 4 Mosaic Covenant.mp4

10. Ch 4 V 1 Christ IS the New Covenant.mp4

11. Ch 4 V 2 Messiah and the New Covenant.mp4

12. Ch 4 V 3aThe Holy Spirit and the New Covenant.mp4

13. Ch 4 V 3b Messiah and the NC Cont.mp4

14. Ch 5 V 1 What is a Dispensation.mp4

15. Ch 5 V 2 What is a Dispensation.mp4 (Part B)

16. Ch 6 V 1 Shekinah Glory.mp4

17. Ch 6 V 2 Shekinah Glory NT.mp4

18. Ch 7 V 1 The New Covenant and Prophecy.mp4

19. Ch 8 V 1 The Old and New Covenants Contrasted.mp4

20. Ch 8 V 2 The Old and New Covenants Contrasted.mp4 (Part B)

21. Ch 9 and 10 V 1 Spirit Baptism.mp4

22. Ch 9 and 10 V 2 Adoption.mp4

23. Ch 11 V 1 Messiah the Servant - No Notes Supplied.mp4

24. Ch 11 V 2 The Blood of the Covenant.mp4

25. Ch 12 V 1 Dispensational Camps.mp4

26. Ch 13 V 1 The Real Kingdom.mp4

27. Ch 13 V 2 Real Kingdom Part b.mp4

28. Ch 13 V 3 The Real Church Church.mp4

29. Ch 14 The Day of the Lord ( 5 Minute Video from Biblical Minute)


Five Things You Should Know

About Men and Their Belief Systems

Understanding the first principles of men and their belief systems with guidance on how to converse with them.


Just some of the samples from our Goodies page at


Five Steps to Understanding our Role as a Witnesses

Five Things About the Inspiration of the Bible

Five Things About the Substitutionary Work of Christ

Five Things About the Trinity and Five Things about the Deity of Christ

Five Things About Creation Based Worship

 Five Tools for Dealing With Atheism

Five Tools for Conversing With Catholics

Five Things About Multiple Authorities

Five Things About Works Based Systems

Five Tools for Conversing With Mormons

5 Tools for Conversing With Adventists




A long list of audio files on these subjects and links to other valuable resources on the net.


Biblical Minute

NOTE: The Biblical Minute site focuses on short presentations - either in PDF, Video, or Slide formats. They are designed for quick reference and use in classes or groups as well as individual study.


Click here for: Samples from our Salvation and Growth Category


The Rest of the Story

Simply the most important lesson you can learn in life and the most important article found on this site.


Growing Your Witness

Helpful tips from a missionary family that puts these good ideas into action!.


America’s Nutritional Crisis

We are what we eat and the proof is in the padding! However, a far greater crisis lingers as a result of our spiritual diet. Does yours measure up nutritionally?


Turning off the Bullying Gene

Consider the reasons why we bully and what our biblical response to bullying should be.


How to Choose Your Next Church


A Tale of Two Dinners

Four good reasons why we need to take a closer look at the Lord’s Table before we do even more damage in our churches.


Click here for: Samples from our Sound Doctrine Category


Extreme 5 Point Calvinism

God’s End Times Calendars -

Understand your times!

The Sunflower and TULIP - A brief overview of the dangers of extreme Calvinism.

Comparing the Covenants.

Modern Dispensational Views.

Evangelicalism’s New Face

A Biblical Understanding of Christ’s Blood


Click here for: Samples from the Prophecy Category

Click here for: Samples from the False Teachings Category


Breadcrumbs Ministries


To properly understand what makes Breadcrumbs materials unique, be sure to read: Breadcrumbs Study Philosophy


Click here for: Samples from the Breadcrumbs Site (Bob and Kristin Thompson)


Were OT Saints Regenerated Workbook and Teacher’s Guide

Refuting Calvinism: A Bible Study

Free Salvation Book

FREE Bible Study Downloads

Text Types-Bible Translations

Other Resources

What We Believe

Women’s Blog

Salvation Videos



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