The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. - Psalm 119:130


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Intensely Biblical


Biblical Intensives serve a two fold purpose.  They ground the listener is relevant biblical truth while improving his personal Bible study skills.

Easily Doable


We minister to all sizes of groups and congregation and we never make financial demands of any kind. We focus on the West and Midwest, but can easily arrange out of area conferences.

Scalable to Your Needs


Intensives are typically presented in four to six sessions and are adjusted (on the fly) to the learning levels of your group.


Our book studies are being downloaded in the United States and around the world.


These studies are designed for personal or small group use.


They represent a work in progress and are constantly being updated..


Some still need a bit of editing and a few need to have a few more pages inserted.  Some have audio and presentation files associated with them.


Some of these books are available for purchase on Amazon, but, best of all....


 The computer versions are entirely free for your use!



Romans Bible Study for Groups and Individuals has finally arrived!


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Here you'll find...


  • A potpourri of resources and links aggregated from all of our Breadcrumbs Ministries sites
  • Downloadable videos (5 minutes to an hour) on a variety of subjects.
  • PowerPoint and media presentations which you can alter to meet your needs so long as you don't re-purpose any artwork.
  • Articles galore.
  • Links to our family of sites.




 Remember, computer versions of  most of our materials are entirely free for your use!





Biblical Intensives

geared for mixed audiences • most include slide presentations •  listeners learn good habits of Bible interpretation • supplements are provided • we NEVER solicit bookings •  intensives are not limited to local church sponsorship but we do limit our church outreach to biblically fundamental fellowships • free will offerings are welcomed but not required • we are a 501c3  faith ministry.

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