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What We Do.

Biblical Intensives ministers to the local church by leveraging biblical resources designed to defend, feed, and mature Christ's sheep. For the BIG picture, watch our introductory video: Video

How we do it.

We immerse men and women in the Word of God through media based seminars which extend from single Intensive sessions to more inclusive session packages.

Current Offerings.

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Special note: Be sure to note our latest offerings: What About My Neighbor and Fundamentalism - Back to Basics.

Current Intensive topics deal with growing in grace, Islam and Israel in prophecy, evangelizing the pagan mind, the new spirituality, the emergent church, Messiah in the prophets, and vital dispensationalism. Additionally, we do Nutshell Intensives on Revelation, Hebrews, Colossians, and Galatians. We also provide intensive training for bringing cultists to Christ. See Our Intensives on the menu.

What makes us unique.

While our broad spectrum Intensives are keyed on immersing folks in critical biblical studies, they are designed to meet the needs of both lambs and sheep. Unbelievers, new believers, and seasoned believers may all benefit from the same Intensive. Packages can be customized and blended to meet specific pastoral goals.