The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. - Psalm 119:130




biblical intensives

Intensely Biblical


Biblical Intensives serve a two fold purpose.  They ground the listener is relevant biblical truth while improving his personal Bible study skills.

Easily Doable


We minister to all sizes of groups and congregation and we never make financial demands of any kind. We focus on the West and Midwest, but can easily arrange out of area conferences.

Scalable to Your Needs


Intensives are typically presented in four to six sessions and are adjusted (on the fly) to the learning levels of your group.

Reasons and References!


This Intensive shows the relationship of seven "fulfillment" passages in Matthew to the Old Testament scriptures.
When we let the Bible change the way we think, we change the way we witness!  Think with God before reasoning with men.
The influences of the New Spirituality are already being felt by your sheep.  Help your flock recognize these practices.
One cannot learn how to interpret the Bible until he learns how the Bible interprets itself! Learn how the promises of God all fit together.

Israel's Messiah

My Neighbor

New Spirituality

My New Covenant Life

Practical solutions which everyone (shy or outgoing) can apply to grow their usefulness as fishers of men. Learn how to think with God before reasoning with men.


Best offered in three to five sessions, this Intensive takes a close look at the witnessing styles of Christ and the Apostles, examining both their content and style and then applies these truths in a practical and non intimidating way.  Get out of the rut of witnessing in the same way we sell insurance.  When we change the way we think we change the way we witness!


*All Intensives are supplemented with PowerPoint and printed handouts.

Don’t get caught in the vortex! The influences of the New Spirituality are already being felt by your sheep. This Intensive traces the spread of ancient occultism through twentieth century New Ageism, now morphed into the New Spirituality.


Typically scheduled from a Sunday through a Wednesday (or vice versa) this conference will prepare your sheep to recognize the influences of the spirit of antichrist and teach them how do defend themselves and their young from the predators which are already reaching into their homes.



An Intensive SO IMPORTANT we built a whole web site around it! This series is dedicated to the premise that a proper understanding of the Bible's New Covenant and the truths which flow from it lead us to a wonderful understanding of God in salvation, the Christian life, true biblical doctrine, and most importantly, a clear understanding of who Jesus Christ is.


Additionally, a proper understanding of the covenants makes the whole subject of Dispensationalism meaningful and helps to restore its importance in the thinking of every day believers.  Pastors who want a Bible conference which immerses the listener in sound (yet very understandable) doctrine will appreciate this Intensive!  For more info, visit:

This Intensive focuses on Israel and her Messiah.  Each session begins with a passage from Matthew and then re-traces the Person and work of Christ as He is revealed in Isaiah and Jeremiah - in a simple and understandable way.  We conclude each session by reminding ourselves how these truths relate to us in our time.  Come prepared to have your heart warmed as we meditate on the beauties of our Christ:


• Messiah - Israel’s Identity

• Messiah - Israel’s Sign

• Messiah - Israel’s Roots

• Messiah - Israel’s Ruler

• Messiah - Israel’s Wisdom

• Messiah - Israel’s Redeemer


Our objectives are to encourage your congregations to better understand the biblical concept of fulfillment and identification, to model the centrality of Christ in Bible interpretation, and to defend Israel by strengthening our basic understanding of her relationship to Christ.

biblical intensives

geared for mixed audiences • most include slide presentations •  listeners learn good habits of Bible interpretation • supplements are provided • we NEVER solicit bookings •  intensives are not limited to local church sponsorship but we do limit our church outreach to biblically fundamental fellowships • free will offerings are welcomed but not required • we are a 501c3  faith ministry.

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